Yogic Breathing Basics

"Life is in the Breath"

Yogic breathing exercises are some of the most powerful ways of amplifying the vril/witchpower/chi, etc. These breathing exercises also stimulate the kundalini serpent and facilitate its ascension.

There are many advanced breathing exercises. In order to perform these correctly and effectively, the basics must be mastered. Nearly all of the advanced breathing techniques are built upon the basics. Once you are adept in the basics, the advanced exercises will come much easier.

The witchpower is built in steps, upon solid foundations. These are nothing to fool around with or play with as these exercises work in amplifying and transforming the life-force. It is imperative to proceed slowly and in steps. Skipping ahead and/or overdoing these exercises can be dangerous. As with anything, if something does not feel right, then stop.

Any and all yoga exercises should end with 10-15 minutes of being in a relaxed position and perfectly still. This is where the power lies, as you will experience an energy buzz, which is the amplification of your vril/witchpower.

DO NOT overdue any breathing exercises!! More here is NOT better! The holding recommendations are only examples. Holding for a count of less is fine. Do whatever is comfortable. One should never feel short of breath, or experience any stress, or the need to gasp for breath when performing any breathing exercises. BREATHING EXERCISES ARE NOT LIKE CALISTHENICS! PUSHING OR EXERTING YOURSELF CAN RESULT IN CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM, I.E. BRAIN DAMAGE.

In doing breathing exercises, begin with one or two methods and only for five rounds of any of the methods below. If you are doing the Kundalini Yoga exercises which include the breath of fire, this acts as a breathing exercise on its own. It is ok to do the full routines for the Kundalini exercises, but I strongly recommend that you begin at lesser repetitions than the 108 given, like start and stay with 54 repetitions for the exercises that say to do 108, for a while. These exercises are something you cannot push. They are not like working out in the gym in any way.

As for people who have been on a routine for some time and have experience, go with whatever you know is comfortable for you. I am speaking to the new and inexperienced here.


Yogic Complete Breath [Foundation]

Sun/Moon Breath [Alternate Nostril]

Breath of Fire

Humming Breath


Sitkari [Serpent Hissing Breath]

Cat Hissing Breath [Ujjayi]

Kumbhaka Lunar Breath

666 Breath of Lucifer's Grail


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