Most Workings are not just a 'One Shot Deal'

Unfortunately, there is so much misinformation regarding spiritual power and how to get it and use it. For example, in working spells, whatever they may be, 99% of the time, this is not a 'one shot' deal. Truth be known, most people do not have the spiritual strength in that one's soul is not strong enough, like that of a God, to accomplish something significant in one working. There are a few who are successful with one working, sometimes the planetary energies are aligned a certain way where one hits, but this is not the norm.

Other factors, a coven for example, are a huge help, provided all of the members have strong souls.

For most people, when undertaking a significant working, there must be repetition. The more powerful one's soul, the less repetition, but rarely is once enough. Energy builds. This is why skipping a meditation or a working causes major problems.

In reading through the ancient writings for spell-working, such as the 1586 Necronomicon, the word 'engrave' is used extensively. Also, 'metal.' Truth be known, these are spiritual codes, not literal. Azazel has always been known as a 'Master of Metal Work.' 'Metal' has to do with the soul. Each of the seven major chakras has a specific metal, such as:

1. Base = lead
2. Sacral = iron
3. Solar = gold
4. Heart = copper*
5. Throat = mercury*
6. Sixth = silver
7. Crown = tin

*Please note the above list is the traditional metal to chakra symbolism. We question these teachings, and suspect some of it has been corrupted, as the heart chakra is neuter and shaped differently from the other chakras, of which are part of a male and female pair, such as the masculine base and the feminine crown. There is question to the "seat of emotions" being of the throat chakra, not the heart. Also, the heart being ruled by mercury/quicksilver and the throat by copper. Be open to experimenting and keep personal notes regarding your meditational experiences. Active experience is most important, not just theory; this is the way one learns.

Now, to 'engrave' something on 'metal' is actually to engrave something on the soul through repeated affirmations, using the light. The light can be white-gold or any other color, as the soul is made of light. For more on this, please see: JoS Newsletter - Message 284

Once is not enough. To really alter your fate, especially when the fates of others are involved, such as many people in these difficult economic times are trying to secure a decent income, one must be strong. Your soul must be strong. This is accomplished through empowering your chakras, Hatha [physical yoga], or tai chi or other internal martial arts, and breathing exercises. One's energies should be raised daily and kept strong.

The Satanic rosary is ideal for any workings that require a significant deal of energy. One can definitely do affirmations with the rosary, in whatever language you speak. I also would like to add here, not to get off topic- all telepathic communication is universal in that foreign languages do not interfere, as the mind and soul process the communications, whatever is given through these telepathically will come to you in the language you speak in, unless a foreign language is intentional. So whether one you are communicating with speaks a different language or not, you will hear them in your own language. The mind and soul transmit it this way. I know this from experience.

Getting back to the Satanic rosary, one should repeat an affirmation- short, present tense and to the point; all 108 beads. While doing this, focus the light or color of your choice that complements the working on whatever you wish to achieve, as this gives it the power. Total focus here is essential. As for trance, you will find that just doing the above, you will be in a trance in no time, as any sounds will be uncomfortable, as like when one is drifting to sleep.

The strength of one's mind is also very crucial in spell-working. You cannot just idly repeat affirmations and let your mind wander. This drastically waters down anything you are trying to accomplish. The focused mind is like a laser. Scattered energy that is diffused accomplishes little if anything. This comes with time, patience, and persistence. Do not become discouraged. Through consistently applying your mind, your focus will improve. Some people such as those with a strong Scorpio emphasis or Mercury/Pluto aspects come by this naturally. Other people have to work at it, but everyone starts somewhere. [The planetary above, comes from work done in past lives.]

There will be times when you have more trouble than usual when focusing your mind, but finish the working anyway. For significant workings, each should be done every day for 40 days. 40 is the number of Satan, as is the number 9; 108 [beads in the Satanic rosary]; [1 + 0 + 8 = 9]. These numbers are very ancient and important, as they carry a special vibration.

Each day, the affirmations along with the visualized light energy and the focus of the mind will accomplish much in achieving your personal goals. Never doubt your working, even if something experiences a set back. Keep applying the energy any way. It takes sometimes more than a week, depending upon the strength of your soul for major things to begin to change to your working. One must never skip a day, as this can ruin the entire working.

In building an aura of protection for example, apply white-gold energy to yourself while making an affirmation 108 times, using the Satanic rosary, for 40 days. Certain workings that need an extreme amount of energy should be repeated another 40 days. You will find you are able to take control of your own destiny and life, but this takes a lot of dedication and work while getting there.


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