More Information About the Elements

Opposed to the plethora of warnings in the older meditation texts, one should gradually build their tolerance to the elements. We have found these warnings to have no more credibility than the "three-fold" crap. Some of us, myself included, have breathed in fire for well over 100 breaths, BUT, we worked up to this level patiently over a period of time. In order to perform fire magick with formidable intensity, one must be able to hold the fire element in large amounts and have a tolerance for it. The same goes for the other elements. One who can hold their fire element is capable of totally incinerating a victim of a black magick spell, who has no tolerance to this element. This comes in time.

The Akasha/Ether/Quintessence we have found is a primer. Quintessence intensifies any working. This element is closely related to fire and when working with it on a daily basis, one will find the body temperature rises. The rise in body temperature seems to be lasting. When willing something to be, it can be imprinted in the quintessence, making it much more powerful. In absorbing the quintessence, which is ultra-violet light, one way is to visualize a "black light" which was popular in the 1970's to make posters glow. The color of the black light is the color of the quintessence.

More information regarding the elements and their specific uses is forthcoming. Check the main meditation page for updates [link at the bottom].


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