The entire universe vibrates to the tune of a certain frequency. Everything is composed of vibrating molecules that are on tuned into a certain frequency. The world powers are aware of this, and certain departments of the government have experimented with these frequencies. Sounds we cannot normally hear can affect our thoughts moods and emotions, also our psychic and physical selves.

Our chakras are very sensitive to vibration, and specific chants relative to each chakra stimulate the chakra beyond visualizing and breathing techniques. With each chakra, the tone of the chant should get higher, beginning with the root chakra where the chanting is in low tone. Chanting does much in stimulating and opening the chakras.

Vibrating and chanting God names is also very powerful. We can chant the names of Satan and the Demons, visualizing their colors, and focusing on the attributes of the certain Demons, that we wish to obtain for ourselves. Sigil visualization is also very powerful. The Enochian Keys are very powerful when chanted in monotone during ritual.

Chanting brings more power to workings. Sound can break glass or turn one's insides into jelly, killing them instantly, this is the power of sound. Chanting the name of a hated one in the correct tone while torturing a poppet, adds power to the working. Our minds, when trained, send out strong electrical impulses, vibrating waves of molecules into a thought form that is directed/sent during ritual through intense focus. Adding sound intensifies the thought form.


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