Demons and Bioelectricity

Demons have powerful energy, way beyond that of the average human. When we invoke them or have close intimate contact with them, a variety of effects can happen. The Demon's bioelectricity merges with our own. We are all individuals and our life-force is individual; operating on different levels of intensity. What one person may experience, another may or may not. This depends on many different things, such as the previous levels of the energy of our soul. The more powerful your own energy, the more energy you can withstand, with little or no unsettling effects. One’s present physical strength and constitution also determine the amount of energy we can handle. People who are built up or stronger physically can withstand more energy from their own workings or energy from an outside source.

People who do regular and intense physical exercise will find they are able to handle higher energy levels and progress faster in increasing their own bioelectricity. All of this takes time and patience. This is like climbing a mountain, where one has to camp at certain heights for a period of several days to a month or more, to acclimate him/herself before moving upwards, or otherwise experience some very unpleasant and sometimes life threatening effects such as severe altitude sickness. We are all individuals and must move at our own pace.

Common sensations after invoking a Demon/ess are skin sensitivity, tingling, your insides vibrating or tingling; aching in the joints [for those who have lower levels of bioelectricity], feeling like you are glowing and/or floating, sometimes feeling anxiety, feeling heat or cold, exhilaration, intense dreams, feeling hyperactive or nervous, insomnia and other sensations. The lower your own levels of life-energy, the more variety of effects you may experience. None of this is anything to be concerned or worry about, as it will pass. The above also depends on the closeness of contact with the Demon/ess. Plain telepathic communication with a Demon/ess rarely produces the powerful effects that having intimate relations does.

I invoked Demons several times and my skin tingled for a couple of days afterwards, feeling like a sunburn without the pain, just extreme sensitivity. Invoking Demons before sleep can cause insomnia, as the energy of the Demon/ess can keep you awake, as it is intense and powerful. With self-empowerment and with increasing our own bioelectricity, we will always be able to feel a Demon and have some after effects, but they will be minimal as we become stronger.

Feeling a kundalini surge when one is not meditating often indicates a Demon/ess is present. Demonic energy feels much like our own. This takes experience in determining whether a Demon/ess is present or whether we are just feeling our own energy. This comes in time and with repeated contact with the Demons.

- High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

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