Overcoming Obstacles

If you have been consistently putting your energies into something that hasn't manifested, or has manifested in a much different way than you intended, it is important to find out why.

In addition, it is very important to *really* want what you are working towards. Make sure what you are putting your energies into is what you really want. Look to what kinds of changes getting what you desire will create in your life. Make sure you are totally ok with the changes. In some cases, subconscious barriers such as fear of change, or something else that will result from your attaining you desire, can ruin a working, even if you aren't aware of this consciously. It is important to really know yourself.

Common reasons for failure in magick are:

Other obstacles include unconscious hang-ups and barriers. With this sort of thing, you first off, have to know yourself. Reasons and life experiences are individual here and as numerous as the stars. The first step in overcoming the problem here is to ask your mind- why? "Why isn't this working the way I want it to?" "Why am I not healing"? "Why isn't money coming to me?" and so forth.

Some people have hang-ups that go way back into early childhood or even previous lifetimes. Finding the underlying cause of your problem and knowing what the problem IS, and you are already half-way to solving it. If the problem involves another person, then you have to work there and dissolve the obstacle(s) before stepping up to the main working.

If you know what the obstacle is, then put your meditations and energies into destroying this obstacle. For example, if you are hung up on punishing yourself from childhood or whatever, you can put your energies into undoing this, for example, going into a trance and filling yourself full of positive energy and affirming, "I am free from punishing myself. I forgive myself" (in cases where you are carrying a lot of guilt).

For those of us who have studied astrology and such in depth, we know most often, fate has a hand in tragedy. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people… etc., Some people have lived their lives carrying around guilt and punishing themselves for something that wasn't their fault. This is not always the case, but the deal is, if you want to be successful in healing or any other kind of magick where you attract what you desire, you cannot have self-hatred for obvious reasons!

If there are obstacles, then work your magick to destroy those obstacles before you work on the main goal(s). One all-purpose affirmation is: "Any and all obstacles preventing me from having __________, are being destroyed and completely dissolved."

In closing, as I mentioned before, the more powerful your aura/soul are, the easier it is to get what you want with lesser effort and time. I speak from experience here, where personal power is concerned. Performing so-called "miracles" only requires a powerful soul/aura and the knowledge to use it.




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