Merging Astral Consciousness

*When you are finished with merging with a human being or animal, be sure to clean your aura and chakras thoroughly as their thoughts or beliefs can rub off on you. Always choose a healthy being when you are new to this, be it a plant or a human being.

Meditation One

1. Choose an object, this can be a crystal, a table- anything in your room. Beginners should start with an object that is a single material, like a rock or playing dice.

2. Get comfortable and go into a trance state.

3. Look at the object in front of you for a minute or two and then close your eyes. Visualize the object.

4. Now enlarge the object so it is big enough for you to walk into in your mind and enter it.

5. Become one with the object and open your astral senses. What do you see, hear, smell, feel? Is it cold or warm inside? What sensations do you feel? If the object is on a table or hard surface, *feel* that surface.

Meditation Two:

Do the same as the above, only this time use a plant. This can be a tree or even a blade of grass. If you don't have any house-plants, you might want to do this exercise out of doors. It is important that the plant be alive.

With the plant exercise, *feel* the earth through the roots of the plant. How does this plant feel in relation to other plants around it if out of doors?

Meditation Three:

Now, do the same as the above, but this time merge with an animal. You can visualize this animal if you are not near any animals. If you have pets, then choose one of your pets and merge with your pet. See through his/her eyes, hear through his/her ears; feel the floor or ground beneath his/her feet. How does your pet's body feel? Is your pet warm? Cold? Hungry? What does your pet smell in the environment? Use his/her nose. What is in your pet's mind? Animals think in visions.

Meditation Four:

Now, do the above with a person you know. You can choose a different person each day. Think with their mind.

What the above exercises do:
Plenty. They are *very* important. When mastered, the above exercises will give you skills to


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