Coven Group Meditation

Group meditations are for people working together as in a coven. The purpose of the exercises is to establish a strong powerful energy bond between members and for the coven as a whole. Knowing how to work with energy is essential for every individual member as the group is only as strong as its weakest link.

The High Priest/ess should guide the group through a meditation. These exercises should work to raise the energy of each individual member, empowering the coven as a whole. Everyone should be in a trance state and relaxed while performing the meditations. Members can sit in chairs, or sit or lie on the floor. It is very important to be comfortable. Remember, a preplanned course here is essential so as not to break the energy flow.

Meditations can be chosen from the Joy of Satan Meditation Section and adapted for the group. These should be planned in advance and agreed upon by everyone in the coven.