Fighting Back

One of the most important reasons we clean our auras is to rid ourselves of all of the negative energy that we encounter on a daily basis. Much of this comes from others in our immediate environment. The workplace can be especially troublesome as well as the home for many. Negative people include those who forever whine and complain, but do nothing to try to alleviate their situations, those who are forever putting others down to make themselves feel better or to divert their attentions from their own personal worthlessness, those who blame everyone else for their woes, those who take out their anger and frustrations through abusing others, and the list goes on endlessly.

Satanists do not take abuse.

There is a very simple meditation one who is experiencing the effects of another’s negative output can do:

1. Clean your aura and chakras thoroughly, as you do not want to trap in any negative energy.*

2. Expand your consciousness to your aura and *feel* your aura.

3. Relax and tune into your aura.

4. Visualize your aura as an outline and protective barrier. The outline should be brilliant white light like the Sun because white light deflects everything.

5. State this affirmation: “My aura is powerfully and totally deflecting [name of offender’s] negative energy in every way and sending it directly back to him/her.”

This meditation should be done with intent and the affirmation repeated when you come into contact with an offensive individual. Just visualize and feel your aura, same as is in the above and repeat the affirmation a few times, [three times is fine here, once you have it programmed into your aura] and watch that person’s negativity destroy him/her, instead of affecting the people who must tolerate being in the same vicinity.

No Satanist should ever have to put up with or take abuse. The average person absorbs the negative energy and suffers accordingly after the negativity has built up. The offending individual benefits by venting hostility or negativity on others and often thrives on it. The people who unknowingly absorb the energy can suffer anything from depression to illness and get caught in a vortex of negative energy, while providing the offensive individual with a negative outlet. The above meditation puts a stop to this, but remember, it must be reinforced frequently.

In addition to the above, visualize the negative energy the offender is sending out, grey in color, and direct it right back to his/her aura, clinging to it. Remember to clean your aura afterwards.

*TO FULLY CLEAN YOUR AURA, recite a Satanic rosary, with the seed mantra for the Sun, while visualizing yourself engulfed in brilliant white-gold light. Focus the vibration into your entire soul. You can choose whichever mantra for the Sun you feel comfortable working with, as both are effective: "SURYA" SUUU-RR-YAH or "RAUM" RR-AHH-UUU-MMM. [Be sure to roll your R's]. Vibration is much more effective in cleaning the aura.

How to Clean Your Aura




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