Energy Ripping

Black magick is all about the manipulation and direction of energy. The strength of one's mind and aura determine the type and amount of energy that one can direct and handle safely while producing the desired results. Workings fail because of weakness of one's mind and aura, and/or the operator is not as powerful as the intended victim. Black magic is used to bring about justice.

Energy ripping involves drawing off the life force. One should already have a strong aura that can pull energy at will and be able to transform it for one's personal benefit. There are two ways of going about this. One is the destruction of victim's aura and the second is hooking up an energy line and draining the victim dry. This prepares the victim to be much more vulnerable to psychic attacks and completely opens him/her for the willed input of destructive energy from the mage.

One thing to be aware of… When you take energy from another being, that energy has power. The individual’s beliefs, experiences and even illnesses can factor in. You are taking this energy into yourself. You must have the power to transform this energy. If you do not transform the energy, it can affect you. Another alternative is to direct the energy somewhere else, but again, you must be powerful enough to do this effectively. I have seen Satan do this with some very nasty energy, but he is a God. Just be aware of this. Back in 2006, a JoS High Priest who is no longer with us gave this spell. This was close to ten years ago. I have worked with it and I am revealing more information here. This is not only my own experience, but the experiences of others. Just be aware of this, if you choose to do this working.

1. One should have a photograph or image of the victim. This is so one can visualize him/her clearly. This is very important to the operation.

2. Go into a trance state.

3. Begin by visualizing yourself drawing off the victim's aura and disintegrating it. You can visualize yourself actually eating and ingesting the aura until it is completely gone or drawing it into your sexual chakra. Always draw energy with your feminine chakras as these absorb. The masculine chakras project energy. It is best to absorb this type of energy in the lower chakras.

4. When the aura is disintegrated and ingested, visualize drawing off all of the inner energies. The victim should change from white energy to grey energy and then to black, indicating the life force has been completely drained.

Clean your aura and chakras thoroughly after each working and state affirmations to transform the absorbed energy into positive energy for personal benefit.

The above four steps should be done frequently, a minimum of 3-4 times a week to more than once a day. It will eventually take its toll.

After the working has done its job and depleted the victim, one should follow up with black magick workings. Before each black magick operation, the victim's aura should be prepped with black energy so he/she will absorb the destructive energy. Just visualize him/her with a black aura and proceed with the working.

Don't forget to thoroughly clean your own aura and chakras.

More advanced techniques involve working with elemental energy and death energy. When working with death energy, one must be very adept and experienced as this can be dangerous. The life force is replaced with the destructive energy of the elements or the death energy.



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