Intense focus is essential in all magickal workings. It doesn’t matter if the environment is full of distractions, one should always maintain total focus. This comes with having a trained mind.

I was involved in an ongoing project- freeing the Demons.* My Guardian Demon, Azazel, and Thoth came to me as they were working with me. Thoth was the Patron Demon of our project and he accompanied each of our Guardian Demons, bringing each Demon to be freed. Glasya-Labolas needed to be freed right away. My daughter was in my room watching TV and there was a lot of commotion in my house. I told them I would have to wait until later.

Five minutes or so later, my daughter’s puppy urinated on my bed. I had to strip the bed and wash the bedding. Because of this, everyone had to leave my room. When Demons want something done, things seem to fall into place.

I went into my room, locked the door, and began to work on Glasya-Labolas. My kids were fighting, banging on the door and other kids came over and the house was a madhouse, but I tuned out all of the commotion, and successfully freed him.

Total focus should always be maintained regardless of how intense distractions may be. Just keep doing what you are doing without letting outside distractions interfere. Of course, any doors should always be locked.

When we focus and concentrate to where we are not even aware of anything going on around us, this is when we have the most power.

*From mid-December of 2002 through mid-April of 2003, myself and four others freed over 100 Demons. This was accomplished through sex magick. At the point of orgasm, we connected our souls to the souls of each of the Demons and transferred energy from each of our chakras to their chakras. This was a very rewarding experience. After the energy was transferred, each one bolted wings.



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