The Four Cardinal Points

Each cardinal point is not only associated with a specific Demon/ess, but also with an element, ritual tool, color and quality. The four directions of the earth are not only spiritual, but scientific in the way of how they align earth energies with magnetism and gravitational pull. By facing a certain direction and connecting with the energies, one can amplify power.


The north has always been known as a source of great power. The “heavens” revolved around the North Star. The ancient peoples aligned their temples with this star. The sun never touched the cardinal point north. It was associated with darkness, mystery and the unknown. Because of the Pagan reverence for north, the Christian Church associated it with the Devil. Graveyards were seldom, if ever placed on the north side of a church. The north side was used for unbaptized children, criminals, reprobates, and suicides. Many churches throughout Europe have a north door called “the Devil’s door” which was traditionally opened after baptisms to “let the exorcised Demon escape.” Most of these doors have been long since bricked up. The north is associated with the element of earth, the new phase of the moon, the pentagram, darkness, secrecy, and the color black. Some people align their altars to the north.


Solar energy, the Sun, the color red, the magick wand and the element of fire are associated with the south. This is the quarter of the will, directing and channeling the psychic energy and forces of nature. Water running south has long been known to have magickal properties and was a popular ingredient that medieval witches used in their spells. The south represents intellect and knowledge and attainment as the Sun reaches its climax in the southern sky [for northerners anyway].


The east is the quarter of illumination, enlightenment, the mystical, and the eternal. It is of the element of air, the athame, the color silver, and the morning star, which is Lucifer’s star. In most traditions, the altar is aligned to the east. When a circle is cast for a coven, the High Priest/ess usually positions the gate for everyone to enter in, at the northeast. As the Sun rises in the east and the Sun is very important in Satanism, as it is of the all-important solar chakra 666 of the soul, facing east is important for many rituals. The direction east has the most power, especially in the early morning hours right before the Sun rises.


The element of water represents the subconscious, emotions, the chalice, the color blue, and the psyche. It rules over mediumship, spirit contact, and telepathic communication. West is a good direction to face when working to rid yourself of something or for diminishing things, as the Sun sets in the west and this creates a gravitational pull upon the earth, similar to the phases of the moon with a waning moon.



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