Using and Empowering a Black Mirror

Scrying can be a useful means to contact Demons and spirits, to foretell the future, and to secure answers to questions. A black mirror is ideal for these purposes. Traditionally, Obsidian was the material of choice in the making of a black mirror, but the method described below works just as well.

The cycle of the Full Moon is the best time to create a black mirror, as the moon rules the third eye and the psyche. Any frame for a photograph can serve as a base for a black mirror. Take the glass from the picture frame and paint one side of it with black enamel. You will probably need to use several coats of paint. Oil based enamels are lasting, but they can take a long time to dry. Be sure to leave the glass to completely dry before placing it back in the frame.

Substitutions for a black mirror include a dark bowl of black liquid or a shiny black object, large enough to focus upon. Black crystal balls are also available. I have found average everyday mirrors to work in a dimly lit room [candlelight is perfect]. The empowering ritual below is for advanced meditators and is very effective. If you are not advanced, you can still use a black mirror with results and wait until you are more experienced to perform the empowering ritual.

Empowering Ritual:

During a full Moon, go outside if possible, some place where you have a bit of privacy. Enter into a slight trance; breathe in energy from the Moon into your third eye on the inhale, and on the exhale, vibrate "Inanna" E-E-E-E-E-N-N-N-N-N-N-A-H-A-H-A-H-A-H-A-H-A-N-N-N-N-N-A-H-A-H-A-H-A-H focusing, so you can feel it in your third eye. Do this 30 times, then condense the energy from the Moon in your third eye and circulate this energy to your solar chakra and back to your third eye nine times, ending with the energy stored in your solar chakra. Place a paper or parchment of the Sigil of Astaroth on top of the face of the black mirror, and place both on your altar, if you have one. Astaroth is the Goddess of prophesy.

Write the following prayer on a clean piece of paper:

Hear me Lord Satan, I ask in your name, that your forces bestow the powers of prophesy upon this mirror; that I may use this magickal medium to contact any Demons I may call forth, to scry upon for the revelation of secrets, and knowledge that is unknown to me.
In the name of Satan/Lucifer, I petition Ashtaroth, to bestow the blessing of prophesy and all the powers related, thereof upon this mirror. All of this, I ask in your name, Lord Satan. So it is done.

At the height of your ritual, recite the prayer aloud and when finished light it in the flame of a black candle on the left side of your altar. Place the burning paper in a flameproof bowl to burn.

Now, take the energy stored in your heart chakra and release it into the mirror by exhaling it- chanting g- g- g-g-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh eh-eh-eh The vibration is done with a hard G as in the English word "Get" without the ’t.’ The base of your tongue should be as close as possible to the back of your throat when you vibrate the Gebo rune. Gebo is Astaroth’s rune and is used with workings involving powers of the heart chakra. The heart chakra, shaped like a yoni, is neuter and is a connector. With each exhale, vibrate the energy into your mirror. Visualize the energy entering the mirror. It should indigo [bluish-violet] in color [there may be some green or swirls of it] and grow with intensity upon each exhale. You should be able to judge when the mirror is fully empowered and feel the energy leaving you.

To use the mirror:
Position the mirror so it is at a comfortable level. You should be sitting comfortably when scrying. The room should be quiet and dimly lit, preferably with candlelight. There should be no outside disturbances.

To begin a scrying session, enter into a trance, and imagine the mirror is black liquid water, jet-black like a well. Fix your gaze upon the mirror. The mirror will eventually brighten to gray and images of clouds will begin to form. Be patient, for the ability to see images of spirits and events will come with practice.

It is best to become familiar with your mirror before calling up any Demons or spirits or using it for any serious divination. At first, nearly everyone sees clouds. This is a normal and a positive sign. With experience and persistence, one will advance to seeing other visions that will occur at random. These visions will be uncontrolled.

With experience, one will be able to call upon visions at will. An adept can experience visions that involve all five senses when scrying into the mirror; this can take some time, persistence and practice. Demons can touch the scryer, carry on lengthy conversations, and interact on a more personal level. The visions can begin to exist outside of the mirror and on all sides and surround the scryer.

When not in use, the mirror should be wrapped in silk to keep energy from escaping. It should be kept in a safe place where others will not disturb it. The energy will need to be replenished every so often. You will have to place your mirror in a window or out of doors under a full Moon to absorb the lunar energies. To do this, breathe in energy from the Moon into your heart chakra or third eye and exhale it into the mirror from your hand chakras. If you are open, you will see with your third eye, and feel when the mirror is fully empowered, and sense when it needs to be recharged.



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